Repair Process

In the event of an Air Bearing Failure, please see our Repair Procedure for instructions on how to send a spindle to Loadpoint Bearings. Please also complete the Repair Enquiry Form & include a copy with the spindle on its dispatch to Loadpoint Bearings Ltd .

Typical Internal Repair Process

  1. The Spindle is delivered to Loadpoint Bearings Ltd.
  2. The Spindle & accessories are booked into the system, given a tracking number & repair card.
  3. The Technician performs initial checks of the Spindle, including, airflow, axial & radial runout, run test & vibration, depending on the reported failure by the customer. All initial measurements are recorded on the repair card for reference.
  4. The Spindle is completely disassembled & a detailed report is completed on inspection of the internal components.
  5. A quotation & report is then sent to the customer, outlining the cause of the failure, & the action required to repair the Spindle.
  6. Once the customer has agreed to proceed with the repair, if required, new components are manufactured, & the spindle is refurbished to an as new condition.
  7. The spindle is reassembled & fully tested to OEM specification using our 13 Point Check.
  8. Test Certificate is issued, certifying conformance.
  9. The spindle is finally polished & packed.
  10. On completion, the spindle is shipped to the customer.