Repair Procedure

  1. Your company ships the damaged spindle for repair to Loadpoint Bearings Ltd. The cost of shipment to Loadpoint Bearings Ltd is be paid for by your company.

    Please ship to the following address,

    • Loadpoint Bearings Ltd
    • Unit B, 6 Nimrod Way,
    • Stirling Business Park,
    • East Dorset Trade Park,
    • Wimborne.
    • England
    • BH21 7SH
    • TEL: ++ 44 (0)1202 894447
  2. Loadpoint Bearings Ltd will disassemble the spindle to identify the cause of the problem & write an internal repair report stating the required process to rectify the damage. This is normally completed within the first week of receiving the damaged spindle.
  3. Loadpoint Bearings Ltd will then issue a quotation for the price and delivery of the repair. A brief description of the work to be carried out is included on this quotation. You should receive quotation within 2 weeks of the damaged spindle arriving at Loadpoint Bearings Ltd. Although please note, this time can vary depending on the urgency of the repair, or work loading within Loadpoint Bearings Ltd.
  4. The repairing of a spindle can take from 1 day up to 14 weeks to complete, depending on the amount of work or replacement components required. When new parts on non-Loadpoint Bearings Ltd spindles are required, the lead times can get quite long.
  5. Loadpoint Bearings Ltd cannot guarantee that we can repair all spindles that are returned to us. Some will be uneconomical to repair. Spindles which are not manufactured by Loadpoint Bearings Ltd also have the increased risk that we cannot repair due to the unavailability of parts, especially motors or encoders.
  6. Spindles which are not repaired, can be shipped back to your company or scrapped. This will be your company decision.
  7. All spindle carriage will be paid for by the customer.
  8. Finally, Loadpoint Bearings Ltd maybe able to offer, new Loadpoint Bearings Ltd designed spindle alternatives for most non repairable air bearing spindles.

All repair spindles are looked at on an individual case basis.